Few good and brave people who care enough, can save everything on this planet that mankind has ever known.

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Hurricane Irma

What have been happening and what may happen? (Must Read)

Arctic sea ice has been melting rapidly for decades. The Antarctic as well as the Greenland are on the same line i.e., melting. This is adding enormous amount of fresh water right into the oceans. As a result, there is a constant rise in sea level, and the scientists have said, once this process has started, it won't be stopping for hundreds of years no matter what we do, but it can of course be slowed down by cutting down global temperature or global warming. This has resulted in the frequent formation of more devastating and stronger storms especially hurricanes, which are causing too much loss of life and property whenever and wherever they strike.

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Rescue Your Mom Book

Why you should get this book today? What this book is all about, and how it can be helpful or beneficial to our lives?

You must know the world beyond your personal boundaries. If we can't see or observe anything doesn't mean nothing bad is happening. It's only that we're not aware of it. That is what this book does quite well. It makes us aware. The book tells us about the consequences of our activities on our lives and on the future of our children—what kind of a world we're leaving behind for them to live in as we pass away with time. It helps us realize the purpose of our life.

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Green Trees in Sunlight

Why and how plants and trees are the hope to a safe and better planet, and can help save our lives?

Plants and Trees are the natural lungs of our Mother Earth. They have been supporting our lives since our very first footstep on this planet till today. Despite of that, do we have any love and respect for trees from our hearts? They are the ones who have the power to stabilize and channelize the forces the nature. But unfortunately, it seems they are no longer going to be a part of our lives as we have been clearing them in large numbers every day. Our one mistake can put an end to all lives on planet earth.

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People sitting on Conversation

"People are not even able to understand why they should help!" now becomes even bigger problem than the already existing global warming and other seriously potential dangers to life.

The biggest problem with today's generation is that they are usually too busy in their lives, and it has become much difficult now to make them understand any importance of the environment to them—to their lives—to their future. Most of them are busy in building up their careers or simply earning money for a better future—a future which actually never exists nor possible without our planet or nature.

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Hand in Hand Campaign - Little children crying and begging for help

Why you should help and how?

It has always been difficult to make people understand why they should be helping or contributing in the conservation of their planet. Still the ones struggling to protect it don't leave trying to do so with a hope that one day people would finally understand why that is so important and how protecting this planet is actually protecting our own lives because we live on this planet and if anything bad happens to it, we all will have to suffer together no matter who helped or didn't help in times of need. More the people helping in saving our planet, greater will be the hope our lives and future will become safe.

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