"Rescue Your Mom" is a hope to help save our helpless Mother and all lives in time.

Why you should get this book today? What this book is all about, and how it can be helpful or beneficial to our lives?

Girl holding and hugging Mother Earth

You must know the world beyond your personal boundaries. If we can't see or observe anything doesn't mean nothing bad is happening. It's only that we're not aware of it. That is what this book does quite well. It makes us aware. The book tells us about the consequences of our activities on our lives and on the future of our children—what kind of a world we're leaving behind for them to live in as we pass away with time. It helps us realize the purpose of our life. Most importantly, it prevents our children—the coming generation from repeating the same mistakes that we've made in our lives knowingly or unknowingly. That is the reason why it has been said—it's a must-have book in every home! If not for you then it should be for your children or your grand children, brothers and sisters.

Rescue Your Mom Book

This book tells us about: —

♦ What would happen if whatever we have on our planet is all lost with time?

♦ How someday we will have to suffer because of our careless and harmful activities on this planet?

♦ Why and how to prevent and stop wars?

♦ How and why money can never be 'everything' ?

♦ What is the actual purpose of education and job?

♦ Why is it necessary to be a good human being in life and how to be it?

♦ How important the animals are to our lives, and how to stay with them together without causing them any harm? What we look like to the animals?

♦ How despite of our cruel behaviour, the trees keep supporting our lives in every possible way, and what we can do for them and why we should be doing?

Family taking care of a dog and nature

♦ How trees are the hope in reverting our planet back to normal once again?

♦ Why most of us usually don't take any action against any of the issues associated with our planet?

♦ Why is it important for us to know everything that happens hidden from us?

♦ How we should be connected to Mother Earth and all other organisms from our hearts?

♦ How we can make a better future for our children and grandchildren? And so on...

In addition to all these, the profit of the book goes as donation to some of the biggest and hard working nonprofit organizations of the world that constantly require our help in protecting our planet and in making our lives and future better and safe.

Synopsis: —

Intelligence has made us, homo sapiens, the most dominant species on this planet. But with absolute power comes responsibility. In the pursuit of the golden dream, we have abdicated our responsibility to the environment, to nature, to other species of life. Can we continue to regard this as the domain of a handful of climate summits, environmental scientists and activists, or is it time for each of us to take a cold hard look at the reality rushing towards us and act now!

Rescue Your Mom makes a passionate plea for us to heed the desperate cry of nature, the earth, and the animals being sacrificed at the altar of our ambition. Mother Nature needs us. It’s time we stop taking and start giving. It’s time to Rescue our Mom.

Other benefits: —

A girl reading a book under a tree in the morning

♦ If you want to stop someone from getting towards the wrong direction of life, picking up a bad habit, evolving wrong and negative thoughts in mind, or is just too careless, then simply gift him/her this book, and you will be able to obeserve the changes as they read the book.

A must-have book in every home. Anyone reading it even by mistake, starts to move towards the right path of life, and begins to understand his responsibilities towards life. So, this book is an invaluable gift to children as well as adults. It would prevent most people from doing anything wrong in life.

♦ If you want to teach a person — the values of everything in life, again, this book would be a perfect recommendation!

♦ Don't worry if you're not a great reader who loves to read books! It can be read almost by anyone, anywhere, anytime, or on any journey, as long as you care to become something good and give back something valuable to your family, this planet, or your own life.

♦ The best thing is—as you purchase it, you would've indirectly donated your money to one of the 60+ nonprofit organizations of the world, and many more! Your one little help today can be worth millions tomorrow.

Testimonials: —

" Rescue Your Mom  is a heartfelt call to action by a motivated, youthful author whose generation will be enduring the literally earth-shattering effects of climate change for far longer than the politicians voting against everyone's best interests right now."Vanessa Gonzales, Author of "The Light in the Sound"

" Rescue Your Mom  is a great endeavour by a thoughtful and motivational author who inspires people that everyone of us can take action to save our planet, no matter how small it is, it counts! This book enlightens the strong bonding between us and Mother Earth."Manoj Kumar Samad, Director of Lightstairs® Entertainment Company

Become a part of this project/mission by getting your copy of the book today!

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