Your one little help today can be worth millions tomorrow.

Why you should help and how?

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It has always been difficult to make people understand why they should be helping or contributing in the conservation of our planet. Still the ones struggling to protect it don't leave trying to do so with a hope that one day people would finally understand why that is so important and how protecting this planet is actually protecting our own lives because we live on this planet and if anything bad happens to it, we all will have to suffer together no matter who helped or didn't help in times of need. More the people helping in saving our planet, greater will be the hope our lives and future will become safe, and we would be able to fulfill our dreams rather than unnecessarily dying in a pathetic way in some devastating disaster.

Here is why you should be helping: —

♦ In India, at some places, people have already started killing each other to grab as much water as possible because the underground reservoirs of water there have dried up due to insufficient rain. In order to survive, one is killing the other by doing all sort of crimes just to have a bucket full of water. What would you do when the same thing would be happening at your place due to insufficient rain? The weather system is changing because of global warming and we still think that nothing bad is happening yet! Start taking action before death comes finding you.

Women fighting for water in India

♦ Due to the change in global climate, we may sometimes experience heavy rain enough to cause flooding, or no rain at all. We may have severely hot summers and cold winters enough to kill many people who can barely survive such a harsh weather. Who would be responsible for such deaths then?

♦ We will be frequently having cyclones, hurricanes, and tornadoes because the sea level has been constantly rising due to the melting polar ice caps and glaciers releasing tremendous amount of fresh water everyday into the oceans. So death and disasters should become a regular tragedy for us.

♦ Many species of life will become extinct in the time ahead and the consequences are unknown which makes it too dangerous for us because we don't even know or can predict what bad is going to happen as we keep moving forward on the path on which we've always been.

♦ Our achievements will become a history within a moment and our dreams will remain forever as dreams and would never be accomplished or turn into reality as we would've already lost our lives somehow or the other in some potential disasters of tomorrow.

A family struggling in the water after the occurence of hurricane Harvey

Now you would understand, what is the use of all that we have been doing until now? The future is already devastated by our negligence being shown today towards our planet and our lives. Where are we moving then? What are we really working for when there is no life ahead? These questions will make you think again and again that why you should be taking action now and help save our planet—our one and only home, before it is too late—before we lose every opportunity to save it from destruction anymore. That is the reason why you read the message right on the homepage at the time you entered this website that "one step for the planet in time can save everything we've ever loved, cared and worked for", and that is really true. Better than regretting tomorrow for the carelessness we show today, we must take action now and do something that really helps give some meaning to our lives—a purpose—a reason for why do we exist as human beings on planet earth.

Here are some of the ways to help protect our only home—planet earth, and ultimately our lives and the future: —

♦ Plant trees as many as possible, and if for some reason you can't really do it, then at least protect the ones from being cut that are already there.

♦ Stop polluting the environment in every way you can. Don't let even others do it anymore.

♦ Save energy as much as you can, and make use of renewable energy whenever and wherever possible.

Rescue Your Mom Book

♦ Get this book, read it, take action, and encourage more and more people to purchase it so that you help spread awareness among the people, moving them towards taking action as well as helping the nonprofit organizations attain their goals of protecting our planet—our lives, as maximum of the book's profit goes to them as donation. This one little book is supporting 60+ big organizations of the world, spread across more than 100 countries on 6 continents. It is you now who can make it worth the effort. Millions are joining hands together to make the change happen as early as possible because we believe that together we can make it. Remember, we are billions, but only if we work together.

♦ ​You can ​​leave a review ​and rate​ the book on Amazon and on the sites you've purchased from, and also on Facebook page to help others know this book better and understand its importance in saving our lives and our planet​.​ You can also share with us your photo with the book by tagging us with "@RescueYourMom" or "#RescueYourMom" on social media. We'd love to see everybody who is supporting this mission. After all, we're bringing the world together.

♦ ​I​f you own a book library or you're a librarian, this book can be added to your collection for everybody to read.

♦ I​f you're a school, an institution, or an academy, you can let your students have a copy of this book from your school. ​Y​ou can share why it's important for them to read this book and how their purchase helps the nonprofit organizations in saving our planet. ​Y​ou can then ask them to submit their names whoever wants to purchase the book, and you can place an order for the same. ​Then​ you can​ send us the names of all the students who purchase the book along with the name of your school. ​A​ll those names will be listed on our website who have supported this global mission​.​ ​O​ur children are the future and we must lead them to the right path, and this is a great opportunity after all.

♦ ​I​f you're a company or a business, you can gift this book to your employees on occasions such as ​World Environment ​Day, ​Earth ​Day, ​Mother's ​D​ay, etc.

♦ You should always be donating to the nonprofit organizations whenever possible no matter what the amount is. The loss that occurs to our planet and indirectly to us is much more than the sum of money that we sometimes actually hesitate to donate. You can find the list of organizations on this website under "Organizations" menu at the top, where you can directly read about them, visit their websites, donate to them, or support them on social media. Saving millions of acres of forest lands and several endangered species have been possible and successful only because of such valuable donations from people in time. Feel proud that you're doing something for your planet—for everybody's life—for your family—for yourself. You're helping in saving everything that mankind has ever known.

A beautiful evening on an open land with surrounding trees and a deer walking towards left

♦ Purchase this book even if you are holding its pirated or duplicate copy, because by doing that, you will help contribute in this planet's restoration and welfare. If you can afford, you may purchase multiple copies of this book at once and distribute them to the ones who cannot afford or get an access to this book. It will help them know how they can prevent themselves and others from harming our planet and its precious biodiversity.

♦ This website has a lot of sharing buttons. Share the message and let others know that you're doing something for your planet by supporting "Rescue Your Mom", so that they would be inspired to do the same. And when they are willing to step forward, encourage them as much as you can.

♦ We usually keep posting selfies and jokes on social media, but think once, is that really worth in saving our future or our lives?! Or, will it protect us from the potential dangers of tomorrow? Make social media a powerful tool to spread awareness among people instead of just making use of it for simply fun and pleasure. Think how brilliant it would be when we would be able to save lives of the people by using social media!

Overall, all we need to do is: Save this Planet—our Mom. It is both a need as well as a responsibility that we all must fulfill together. You're the hope for a better tomorrow.

Become a part of this project/mission by getting your copy of the book today!

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