We cannot expect to see any changes in the people unless we care to change ourselves.

"People are not even able to understand why they should help!" now becomes even bigger problem than the already existing global warming and other seriously potential dangers to life.

Two men sitting on a conversation

The biggest problem with today's generation is that they are usually too busy in their lives, and it has become much difficult now to make them understand any importance of the environment to them—to their lives—to their future. Most of them are busy in building up their careers or simply earning money for a better future—a future which actually never exists nor possible without our planet or nature. Whereas, some are simply lost in their love lives where they would be ready to do anything for their boyfriend or girlfriend, but nothing for this planet on which they would have to live both now and in the time ahead. To convince them to do something for this planet has become even more difficult than actually fighting against all odds occurring in our planet.

For example, if we would tell a person how necessary it is now to save the Amazon rainforest and how so many species of plants and animals would be lost with the loss of that forest, and all about the change in weather system due to increase in global warming, they would say: alright, why are you eating up my head then? Didn't you find someone else to tell these great stories that you've come here to waste my so valuable time which costs more than your freaky forests and so called species of plants and animals? How dare you ask me for money in the name of donation and that too on the basis of some self-made stories about forests and animals!? It's your forest and you should better know what to do with it. Why are you wasting my time for it?! I don't see any global warming and all; everything seems just so fine! And for you kind information, I don't earn for you or any of your forests or animals. I earn for my family. So next time, don't show me your face, or else I would lodge a complaint against you in the police.

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In another case, a boy would say: Look, I understand what you say, but currently you need to understand my problem. I already have so many expenses after my loving girlfriend. Without her, I just can't live. And whatever bad happens in the end, we would love to die together. So please, for now, I cannot do anything for whatever the cause you've mentioned. Somehow, impressing a girlfriend becomes more important than saving this whole planet and billions of lives which actually includes even his own and his girlfriend's life as well! What help would you expect from such people?

Consider, if all the people show the same attitude towards saving our very own planet, then where will be the help coming from?! It is simply like everybody just wants to enjoy the fruits of a tree at last but nobody wants to water the tree during its growth. With such a mindset, our lives can never be saved because somehow our selfishness will prove to be the very reason for the end of our own lives. We cannot expect to see any changes in the people unless we care to change ourselves.

A volunteer rescuing a dog taking it on her shoulder

With this, our expectations from people have been falling down rapidly as time is progressing. We don't even know when they will be able to understand what is more important in life, or will they be even understanding that ever? Without the help of common people, we're certainly falling short of necessary help with which our planet and its billions of lives could be saved in time. We're constantly losing hope... We don't know how to save their lives when they are themselves not interested in it anymore. All they are interested in is limited to career building, money making, and of course the great love life. By the time, they would realize the hard to believe truth, it would simply be too late to take any action. Everything would be lost! No life would be able to persist anymore on this planet. And then certainly, no career, money, boyfriend or girlfriend would be able to help stop any losses of lives. Our future will be devastated with chaos and disasters. Who will be responsible for everything then? Us—who have been struggling every day to save this planet? Or the people who never tried to understand anything other than money, career, etc.? No matter whose fault it would be, we all will have to suffer the consequences of our mistakes and carelessness together. There will be no point in regretting then. We will have to pay tomorrow for whatever wrong we do today.

Gavin Byrne views damage in the Breezy Point area of Queens in New York on October 30, 2012 after fire destroyed about 80 homes as a result of Hurricane Sandy

The question is—why are we even doing this? Why are we letting it happen when science and nature have clearly laid down every truth before us? Why are we waiting for the calamity to strike us and cost us innocent lives? The governments need taxes to build only their countries and something that help them gain popularity, trust of the people, and hence more votes in the future—probably all sort of politics. But who will help rebuild our already destroyed planet? It's not the government, it is not the actors, it is not even any big identity, but some mere common people who are actually working day and night putting their every possible effort for attaining one and only goal—to save this planet and its billions of lives in time. Many of them sometimes have to even lose their lives to help secure the great outstanding lives of these billions of people who are only concerned about how to make more money, how to break the academic records, how to win a world cup, and so on. Who understands that none of these could save your life when you're hard hit by a hurricane or a volcano? All the world cups, certificates, and records will be lost instantly along with life.

A man witnessing his home destroyed in Hurricane Sandy

Now, we must understand what is our actual responsibility as a human being towards life, other species, and this planet. We waste too much of our time and knowledge in unnecessary things; we're certainly not putting it into right use that actually gives some meaning to life or helps build a better planet—our actual home. How ridiculous it looks when we see people busy in building their dream homes on a planet that will be devastated because of them! They created all the problems—polluted the environment, cleared the forests, killed the animals, for what? For money! And now they're not ready to spend any money for the damage caused by them to this planet. They obviously in no way will be able to escape. Let them pay not money, rather life, because we think that would be a cheaper option for them.

Why are we doing it then when people are not even bothered to save this planet or their own lives?!

Yes, there are other people too like you who understand everything and take necessary action on time. For those and for all the other species of life in this world including those lost-minded people, we are doing it for everyone of us. Why the innocent people should lose their lives because of rest of the unaware and unconcerned people of this world? That is the reason why we are doing it all alone above all even when there is no help from all the people or the governments.

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