A book which is meant to save our Planet — Our only Home

Mother Earth needs you. Be a part of the change we can all make and believe in. Act in time before it becomes worthless. And now, everybody can help in saving Mother Earth by simply purchasing this book. On buying, most of its profit goes in restoring our helpless mother - Mother Earth. Buy it today - Act Now!

Rescue Your Mom - Book Cover

What is this book for?

Spread awareness among people to save Mother Earth and all its life forms.

Engage people to take action for what is right for this planet before our efforts become worthless.

Help people know about what is going so wrong, while stop current problems and prevent them as well.

Encourage people to support the nonprofit organizations through donations and volunteering.

Donate maximum of author’s profit to the nonprofit organizations around the world to help save our planet.

Make people realize the actual value of life and earth’s biodiversity over money.

Make people realize the actual value of education and job and help them understand that education is not for getting a good job, while job is not for simply earning money.

Let people know, the animals have the same right on this planet's resources as us, hence they must live a better life. Being blessed with intelligence doesn't mean we would make our own rules and laws, and would capture everything for our own purpose.

To teach people why it is important to be a good human being in life. In fact, it is the evil inside us that makes us do all harmful activities in our lives, hence we must control it before it controls us and destroys our lives.

Help prevent wars between countries, and contribute in uniting the people of this world.


Intelligence has made us, homo sapiens, the most dominant species on this planet. But with absolute power comes responsibility. In the pursuit of the golden dream we have abdicated our responsibility to the environment, to nature, to other species of life. Can we continue to regard this as the domain of a handful of climate summits, environmental scientists and activists, or is it time for each of us to take a cold hard look at the reality rushing towards us and act now!

Rescue your Mom makes a passionate plea for us to heed the desperate cry of nature, the earth and animals being sacrificed at the altar of our ambition. Mother Nature needs us. It’s time we stop taking and start giving. It’s time to Rescue our Mom.

The Author's Viewpoint

Everything is possible only if we step forward to take action, instead of simply doing nothing and claiming that it’s impossible.

All the calamities that happen around this world are mostly the results or byproducts of our own interaction with nature. Therefore, if you want to stop it, start by improving your activities.

Money has no value on its own. It is our ‘needs’ — be they basic or luxurious that give money an unnecessary value — the source of everything.

Money stands for none. It only stands for whatever it is being used, good or not.

Money has value only as long as things remain that it can purchase, after which it becomes valueless.

Loss of money is nothing when compared to loss of life which is actually, a loss of everything.

We are simply looping in a cycle; we cannot progress until we pull ourselves out of that loop and consider something beyond which lets us progress straightway in a specific direction. Most of our time and talent is wasted in simply continuing the cycle which adds hardly anything to overall human progress.

This planet belongs to each life form that ever lived here in the past, is living in the present and shall live in the future.

If we try to dominate everywhere, then the day isn’t far off when history will repeat once more — to remind us of every other powerful species that once ruled the earth and are now extinct forever.

To save anything, we think we need money that we have created. However, it cannot save anyone. It is up to us to save everything.

There is always a way to solve everything only when we start seeking it out.

We do not need to fret for what we do not have or can't do. Instead, we need to focus on what we can do with whatever means we have available to us.

It will be an honour to sacrifice our lives to save our planet, in return for what she has been sacrificing for the life of entire human race.

What people say about this book

One of the best thought provoking books I have ever read in my life. It considers the strong relationship between us and Mother Earth. — Manoj Kumar Samad, Director, Lightstairs® Entertainment Company

How do you help?

Be sure to purchase and read this book, and begin taking all possible action. Act in time before it becomes worthless.

Help in spreading the awareness by recommending this book to your friends, colleagues and relatives. Spread the message on social media as much as possible.

Try donating funds to your favourite nonprofit organizations, if possible then every month no matter what the amount is, and highly engage in their action. Just believe in yourself that you’re going to make the change.

Purchase this book even if you are holding its pirated copy because by doing that you will help contribute to this planet's protection and welfare.

If you are rich, you may purchase multiple copies of the book at once and distribute to ones who cannot afford.

When you purchase a digital edition of this book such as an eBook, then more of your money goes towards the environment rather than incurring the expenses of the book as in the case of hard (physical) copy where the printing and paper costs consume a lot of the funds. Moreover, you save trees this way.

If you face problems in reading the book digitally, then you may surely opt for the hard copy that does not require electricity to run. In that way, you save electricity. So whatever it is, make it reasonable, helpful and useful.

Overall, all we need to do is — save this planet — our mom.

About the Author

Pradeep Kumar Singha was born on 21st September, 1991, in a middle class family which resided in a very small town called Dangoaposi, that was located almost 78 miles away from the city Jamshedpur (Tatanagar), India. In 2009, he moved to Jamshedpur along with his family where he graduated from Gallant Institute of Business Management in Jamshedpur. He also holds a degree in Graphics Design and Animation from Arena Animation Academy, Jamshedpur. Currently, he is up to living his dreams in the Lightstairs® Entertainment Company. He has always loved nature and animals while engaged highly in helping people. He is well organized in everything he does, talks less with people, and mostly likes to be alone especially when he works. And of course, he can be found talking to himself all the time when he is alone although no one can notice it and that is what brings him most of his ideas and solves most of his problems. He has been working quite hard to do all things that he ever wanted to do in his life, out of which most of them are for the people, trees, animals, and this planet.

He also has a decent website of his own built by himself for simply as a self-help and own personal interest of showcasing his work to his friends and relatives. However, anyone can visit it by clicking "here".

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